Weehawken Police Department

Weehawken Police Department


Weehawken Police Station
(Enter on the right side of Town Hall)
400 Park Avenue
Phone: 201- 863-7800

In an emergency call 9-1-1
for police, fire or ambulance service.

Since 1870, the men and women of the Weehawken Police Department have protected the people of our Township.


Under the command of
Weehawken Director of Public Safety
Jeff Welz

Deputy Chief (Operations)
William McLellan

Weehawken Police 2020 Major Discipline Summary

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About the W.P.D.

WPD personnel are divided into a number of specialized units:

The Patrol Division:

The Patrol Division keeps watch over the people and property of Weehawken. Our patrol officers cover the township in radio cars, on foot and on bicycle.


Weehawken's Detectives investigate crimes and coordinate with other law enforcement agencies, sharing information on patterns of crime and working together to keep the community safe.

The Anti Crime Unit:

The Anti Crime Unit targets street criminals, conducting plain clothes patrols using unmarked vehicles.

The Traffic Division:

Our Traffic Division keeps the thousands of cars, trucks buses and other vehicles which flow through our town daily moving smoothly and safely. The Traffic Division also conducts motorcycle patrols of the town's streets and roads.

The Quality of Life Squad:

Weehawken's Quality of Life Squad focuses on keeping our quality of life at the high level that our residents have come to enjoy. Their hard work continues to make Weehawken among the very best places to live in New Jersey.

The Juvenile Bureau:

The Juvenile Bureau provides a link between cops and kids, and is staffed by officers specially trained to deal with children. Weehawken also participates in the national D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program, which educates kids about the dangers of drug abuse and gives them the tools they need to resist drugs.

The Crime Prevention Office:

The Crime Prevention Office, located at 4528 Park Avenue, provides Town residents with help staying safe at home, at work and on the street.

The Records Department:

The Records Department organizes, safeguards and distributes documents related to police investigations and services.

The Office of Emergency Management:

Weehawken's Office of Emergency Management is tasked with preparing the township to respond to serious, widespread emergency situations such as natural disasters or terrorism. The Weehawken OEM coordinates its efforts with similar offices in other municipalities, as well as county, state and federal authorities.

W.P.D. Mission Statement
Crime Prevention
Records Department
For Kids
W.P.D. History
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